CITIES (Poem) By Youlika Masry

In life we encounter difficulties ranging from slight inconveniences to veritable disasters. We may struggle to fight them, look at them as challenges, thus fighting against them more effectively with “positive attitude”, but only God is able to make something ENTIRELY NEW out of an ‘old thing’. He promises us so in the Old Testament, when He announces the new messianic covenant to His people (Isaiah 43:19), and He does the same in the New Testament when he promises Nicodemus a thorough spiritual regeneration (John:3).

Last night I heard

the testimony of a khamsin:

How it happened

so burning, so fierce?

Last night I heard

the testimony

of a hollowed tree trunk:

How it happened

so vacant, so fierce?

Last night I overheard

the promise

of the angel of the Lord:

“Behold! A new thing I will do;

build cities from wind and morning dew.”
Youlika Masry (2001)

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