by Maurice Paine THE GREATEST INVITATION YOU COULD EVER RECEIVE During your lifetime you may receive some very exciting invitations but none to compare with the invitation everyone may receive from God. This is an invitation to salvation, to come … Δείτε το…!

CITIES (Poem) By Youlika Masry

Youlika Masry In life we encounter difficulties ranging from slight inconveniences to veritable disasters. We may struggle to fight them, look at them as challenges, thus fighting against them more effectively with «positive attitude», but only God is able to … Δείτε το…!

Christ All in All by Thomas Watson

Christ All in All by Thomas Watson  «Christ is all in all.» Colossians 3:11 The philosopher says every science takes its dignity from the object; the more noble the object—the more rare the knowledge. Hence it is that Jesus Christ, being the most sublime and … Δείτε το…!

NEW SHOES Poem by Youlika K. Masry

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings.”                                     (Isaiah 52:7) Don’t try to mend the hole in your shoe with fine threads and needles when staring helplessly at you with the desperation of … Δείτε το…!

The Spirit of Charity The Opposite of A Censorious Spirit by Jonathan Edwards

                                                                      Charity . . . thinketh no evil. 1 Corinthians 13:5 Having remarked how charity, or Christian love, is opposed not only to pride and selfishness, but to the ordinary fruits of these evil dispositions, viz. an angry spirit and … Δείτε το…!

The City of God ( 5 Messages) By John Photiades

                             First Message                                                                         The City of God  Makamba, Burundi 10 June 2008, a.m. I want these two–three days, when we are together, to share with you about the Church of God. And I will concentrate on one picture, or … Δείτε το…!

It was time for dad to step in

                                                                    By Nina (Dictos) Jones  This article was published in the local paper on Father’s Day– Dedicated to her father Paul Dictos, CPA- Fresno County Assessor-Recorder … Δείτε το…!


                                                                             by Miltiades Yiapanis      We must understand that through Adam, death entered the human race.  The initial effect of this death was spiritual and took place in the heart of Adam and Eve, their sin brought about a state … Δείτε το…!

The fight against Satan

                                                              by Miltiades Yiapanis    God is sovereign, all-powerful, all wise, infinite and eternal. He Rules over all, He plans, creates and controls all things in love, wisdom and power. His throne is for ever and ever, a … Δείτε το…!